An Etiquette Question

October 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I read so many books on my Kindle and many of them are self-published. I’ve grown pretty lenient on how far I’ll read with poor editing (typos). I’m not talking about content; I’m a lot pickier when it comes to having an engaging story.

I must admit, though, I get pretty judgy (yes, it’s a word– move along) when there’s something glaringly obvious in the first chapter. I think a first chapter should be well-edited. I don’t trust an author that has let a “they’re/their” slip into the first paragraph. Period.

Here’s my question: is it helpful for me to submit typos I’ve found throughout their book? Is it hard to change once it’s on Amazon? I understand that you’re bound to have a few and it’s not a big deal (if I’m past the first chapter). There are books I really enjoy and write a glowing review for, but caught some typos. I don’t want to offend or be rude! (And I’m completely ignorant on how hard it is to change.)

Yes, I know I’m setting myself up to have a HUGE typo in my first chapter! I’m not talking about books I’ve abandoned because they’re obviously not edited at all, and I didn’t read past the first 10% (sample). I’m really trying to be helpful.

I’m not “that person,” I swear. Can anyone enlighten me? Now I’ll shut the heck up.


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