Teething and October 19th ROW80 Check-In

October 19, 2011 § 8 Comments

Well, today marks the fourth month of my daughter’s life. It is quite  a momentous time because it is when babies start to sprout those obnoxious little things called teeth. They turn into drooling, wailing, irrational beings. It makes me wonder if teeth are worth it. I mean, they fall out anyway. What other body part falls out only to be re-grown? It is strange. Babies are creepy.

Which leads to my  word count goals being shot to sh**. Kids are really cramping my style here! I have spent a lot of time walking my wailing infant and fidgety two-year-old, whilst plotting more of my story in my head. I’m a pretty driven person, so it’s a challenge not to get really caught up in measurable goals, but I do really need to plan my story out more. So I’ve actually made considerable progress even if it’s not all down in words (although it is scribbled all over the place- post-its, notebooks, and scraps).

On another front, I tried to figure out how to add stuff to my blog. I have a few new “features.” (Okay, I added a page.) Baby steps, y’all.

Anyway, not a great start to the week for me. I need to alter my expectations, considering I have younglings. They’re teeth and other pesky ailments come before my WIP.  

I’ll end with a funny thing my two-year-old is doing. I tell him stories when he’s falling asleep (after we’ve already read several) and I’ve noticed him telling himself my stories during the day. It’s adorable!  He says it with the same inflections in his voice and it makes me want to gobble him up by his chubby little cheeks. 

Does anybody else tell their kids stories?  I can’t sing for crap, but I can tell a dumb story! His favorite story is about two tigers named Falafel and Poo poo (his selection) and their many adventures in the jungle. My stories often feature an appearance of some of his favorite things: cows, trucks, mamas, poop. They’re the most ridiculously awful stories, but he can’t get enough and even begs for them. I guess it’s good practice for structure.



§ 8 Responses to Teething and October 19th ROW80 Check-In

  • Ryan King says:

    My son is about to turn 10 and he sometimes asks me to tell him a story still. There’s been a few times where I am telling him a story and that story ends up sparking another story idea for me. Family is important but make sure you are getting some you time in there to. It’s easy to fill that time up with family stuff.

  • Stacy Green says:

    Who cares about your word count? Enjoy this time with your daughter. It’s the most precious of all, and it flies by, believe me. Now’s the time when her little personality will really shine through.

    And yes, I’ve always told my daughter stories – she makes them up now.

  • Ruth Nestvold says:

    Of course I told my kids stories! And now I tell my granddaughter stories — and try to keep traditions alive, despite a different language and different cultural environment. At least she yells “nochmal!” (again!) when I do “This little piggy …”

    Good luck on the kids and writing project! It’s tough, but it can be done. Just make sure to forgive yourself when the shit hits the fan (or other things) and congratulate yourself for every little bit you manage under such challenging circumstances. I didn’t, and I ended up putting my creative life on hold for about fifteen years.

  • Oh wow, I can’t even imagine myself accomplishing as much as you are able to under the circumstances! And yes, of course, momma duties first! Congratulations for the successful juggling act, hey!

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