Me and Papa Joe

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I thought I’d dedicate this post to my Papa Joe because we all know and love his adamant rejection of all technology. He’s 85 so we’ll cut him some slack though.

Let’s talk about his ancient camera (circa 1998) and how when he gives you prints, it’s difficult to even make out who’s in the picture.  Nevermind megapixels– I think there is something wrong with the thing. They weren’t that bad in 1998. Maybe nobody knows how to develop them.  I digress. Needless to say, he doesn’t own a computer and he barely owns a T.V.

He does embrace the cell phone; he’s known to call me at work in past years to update me on the production fo okra in his garden. He also likes to tell me the plethora of amazing items he can get at the Dollar Tree: “Orange sodie pop, batteries, socks.” You just wouldn’t believe it.

Anyway, I really feel for Papa Joe on some of this technology stuff. I mean, look at my blog. My children are going to think I’m such a dummy.

Now I feel like just making more fun of Papa Joe to make myself feel better. He is a real close-talker. It’s not really on his radar that people might desire more than an inch of personal space… in front of their face… while he’s wagging his finger in it.

He’s also the most conservative Republican you will ever meet. He walked me to the voting booth when I was 18 years old and made me vote for George W. (There, my public shame is out for the world to see.) But he will swear–swear– that he’s a Democrat. So you might as well just go along with it.

“Heather Dawn, look here” he says sucking between his teeth and smiling impishly and shaking his head, “do you still work at that ‘ole Starbuck?”

“You’ve got to work hard and it’ll pay off, see whatahmean,”  he always says, finger wagging right in my face.

My brother owns a business called Clean Slate Repair– “Hey ‘ole Clear Slate!” he calls my brother.

Everybody needs a Papa Joe. He’s the first one to laugh at himself. So, I guess I’ll just do the same.



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