October 26th ROW80 Check-in

October 26, 2011 § 7 Comments

Well, my week has been frazzle-dazzled! We’ve been bouncing back and forth between parents’ houses and have finally decided which city we are going to live in for a while. So that has been a craptopia with two children, but I have still managed to do some writing. The key word being “some.” And I need to thank my wonderful sister-in-law for inviting me into her quiet space to do it!

In summary, since the last check-in I hit a wall on my WIP but worked out some key story issues on a long car ride yesterday. I did get about 1,000 words on Monday, but since I realized I had some BIG problems in my story they may have been useless. Oh well.

Here are my new goals for this week: write 2 more days this week and at least 500 words each time, don’t abandon my WIP just because I’m frustrated, review any books I read,  and start writing some Peace Corps Anecdotes that have been in my brain wanting to get out.

In honor of my long car trip yesterday, my question for this check-in is about that. Do you like taking car trips? I actually love them because I get some blissful, uninterrupted, music time. I always load up on music (from Rhapsody) and make some new discoveries that seem to recharge my imagination. Some new music I liked yesterday was M83; it was great driving and thinking music.




§ 7 Responses to October 26th ROW80 Check-in

  • free2soar says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on these days. Congrats on getting any writing done. I’m not sure I would have.

    Great goals for this week. I hope everything comes together for you.

    As far as car rides go…I actually quite enjoyed coming home from the Family Homestead via the back roads. I’m seriously considering programming my GPS to avoid super highways. It’s way more relaxing.

    Have a good one.


  • Ryan King says:

    Don’t get discouraged! Tomorrow is a new day. For me? I hate long trips but good music makes them bearable. Good luck going forward.

  • The good thing about car trips for me is it is quiet time for me to thin about my novel. I form plot ideas, and then write them down when it get to a computer

  • Hannah says:

    My quiet space es su quiet space (you know…when we’re in the same vicinity and all). Glad it helped! Wish we could work in silence together more often. I’m proud of you for plugging away!

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