OctROWber 30th Check-In

October 30, 2011 § 6 Comments

Well, I did a lot better on wordcount (3,000 for the week) and writing this week. I have started my WIP over and scrapped a lot, but at least I’m not holding on to bad material. And I’m new to this so I’m prepared to spend a lot of time sucking.  I hope it’s not as horrific as my violin lessons were though.

I have had real trouble blogging, and I didn’t do any this week. I like making up posts, but I think I need to focus all my energy on one thing. Even if it’s going horribly, I like to torture myself to stick with it. I’m just self-destructive like that.

So, I’ve been writing on my WIP and not blogging. I guess that’s where I’m at. Maybe I should do that Nano deal and get that sucker written.

Next week: I’ll be more lofty and set my goals at writing 2 times before next check-in and 1,000 words at a time. I think that’s my only goal. I just want to finish my WIP and stop being side-tracked. I’m still reading Fiction for Dummies. I am so slow at reading non-fiction. I suck at it.

Parting question for Halloween: Is there a ghost story passed down through your family? My grandpa and dad love recounting their supernatural “encounters” from my grandpa’s old hardware store which they earnestly believe was haunted. The middle floor used to be a place where they embalmed bodies; it even had coffins left over from when it was used for that. They would hear footsteps and hammering at night before they closed sometimes. My Meme even had an “event” that turned her into a believer. So anyway, those have become family legend. My eyes water when I get spooked and they’re watering just thinking about it. 🙂 Happy Halloween!


§ 6 Responses to OctROWber 30th Check-In

  • Since I am a perpetual fraidy cat, I am glad my family doesn’t HAVE any ghost stories!

    And y’know – we each and all create differently. Do what fits for you… and know that on some days, another thing may be what works, instead. It is so random like that at times.

    And PS! You do not SUCK! NO NO NO!!!

    • heatherishither says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m going to have to be a little more positive. (Not my forte though.) Thanks for stopping by!

  • kerrymeacham says:

    Hey Heather. I agree with Julie. You don’t suck. It is just hard work, and most of aren’t good right out of the gate. It’s a process that we all go through. If you’re reading FFD, then you’ll know what I mean when I say I’m a freshman/sophomore. Just keep moving forward. ~clink~

  • Ryan King says:

    Just be careful about starting over. If you do that too many times you won’t finish. The key, even if it’s sucky, is to finish it. Then you can replace all the sucky with the succulent. Good luck!

    • heatherishither says:

      That’s what a friend told me the other day, Ryan. I’m really good at scrapping everything and starting over. I’ve tried to comment on your blog and it won’t let me. I need to figure it out. Blogger isn’t my friend. 😦

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