November 16th Update

November 16, 2011 § 4 Comments

Everything’s going great. I’ve been doing really well on wordcount and just trying to finish the first draft. Nano is fun. Any time I hit a wall, I just make myself vomit up some more story and it gets going again. Doesn’t that sound promising? 🙂

I finished a really great book last night called The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley (thanks, Susan!) and will be passing it along to my mom with strong recommendations. It was a little more history and description than I prefer, but that’s just me. It did deliver a powerful emotional experience (Fiction for Dummies reference)! Her style of writing is beautiful; there were several passages I really loved. 

One big gripe: the present-day heroine is writing a novel which switches to the past (and this is done seamlessly, I thought) and she calls herself a “pantser” (writes by the seat of her pants) and doesn’t need to edit. I enjoyed a lot of the detail about her writing habits, but this made me call b.s. (I am way too much like my father!)

On a side note: the cover made me think it was about mermaids. It is not– I repeat– not about mermaids.

Have a great week! We’re halfway there, my fellow Nanonites!


§ 4 Responses to November 16th Update

  • Ryan King says:

    I’m not sure “promising” is the adjective I’d use for “vomiting”. Hehehe. A writer that doesn’t need to edit? Pfft. Riiiiiiigggghhhhtttt. Keep up the good *cough* writing 😉

  • Matt says:

    I’ve done quite a bit of pantsing, but never have I not edited. The horror!

  • Vomit it up is a great way to go! Damn nice to unblock the famous writer’s block.
    Hmm, I’ll check that book out, but I agree with Ryan. Any writer needs to edit, at least a little …
    Good luck with the rest of the week!

  • Word vomiting is much more fun than actual vomiting. LOL. I agree with you on the BS thing. Everyone needs to edit, at least a little. And it’s much more likely a panster is going to need to edit (speaking from personal experience :D)

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