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November 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

I dedicate this post to the wonderful world of internet access, which I have lost. We moved last week and still have no internet and no 3G. ! I know! Tragical. (Someone needs to explain why I can’t even get 3G in our building in the MIDDLE OF DOWNTOWN KANSAS CITY.) Bitterness. But I have every confidence that magical little box will come in the mail any day…

Anyway. My Nanowrimo goals are all but shot. Moving and holidays will do that. I hate to fail! I just posted about how I’m ultra-competitive, and that’s even with myself. This week I actually felt my spirit wilt. I couldn’t even update that I was failing.

Small children don’t like altering their schedules either. Bedtime in the new loft has been delightful. I feel like Frodo in an epic battle for the Ring of Power nightly (and I am tempted to dive head first into the pits of Mount Doom by the end of it.)

So my wordcount has been dismal (but not zero) and I’ve been sad about having no internet. Okay, I’ve been distraught. I’ll be honest.

But! But, bu,t but! I will not give up! I am sitting at about 42,000 words on my WIP and if I get enough opportunities in the next few days, I might get to 50,000 by Dec. 1st. There are huge gaping holes in the flow of the book and I know of at least one chunk that’s missing that I need to create, but I will prevail.

I’m going to go download several books onto my Kindle while I have wifi. Good luck to all the Nano people!




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  • Ryan King says:

    No internet? I’d be running around the building screaming if it were me. You’ve only got 8k to go to win NaNo. You’ll be able to fill in the holes later. Just get past that finish line if you can (which I think you can). Good luck!

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