NaNoWriMo Fail/ ROW80 Check-In

December 1, 2011 § 7 Comments

Well, I just got internet about an hour ago. There’s a long story which I’ll spare you (but there was a colorful array of curse words uttered in this house I tell you). I didn’t complete 50,000 words… Another long story. I sit here with an extra appendage we like to refer to as “Baby Hadley.” To say she’s clingy would be an understatement. I mean dive down under that statement and burrow through to the core of the earth and think about the opposite of that, cause that’s what I really mean.

I did get 48,000 words written and have a beginning, middle, and end to the WIP. I should be happy because I think I’m ready to take a breath and dive into massive editing. (I do mean massive). My children are also still alive which is surprising.

It kills me that I didn’t finish the word count. Oh, well. At least I have internet and I made myself check in tonight.

In retrospect, I learned a valuable lesson about myself this month. I need to make my goals more realistic because I flip out and drive everybody (myself included) nuts when things go awry. The whole point was to motivate myself over the hump and finish a book.  I did that pretty much.

In honor of not finishing I thought we could all share some of the strange things we do when we’re procrastinating (you know you do). I come up with pretty weird stuff to do, or out-of-character I should say. Stuff I haven’t even been meaning to do. For instance, today I read Alexander Pope’s “The Rape of the Lock.” First off, I’m not a big poetry reader. I like novels. All kinds. But there I sat today, with my extra body part (Hadley), reading that poem. I also get ravenous; if there’s food in the house, I will shovel it in my mouth.

(Dad, please edit this. I have a poem and a batch of peanut butter cookies calling my name.)


§ 7 Responses to NaNoWriMo Fail/ ROW80 Check-In

  • Wow. Love your post and although you didn’t “WIN” NaNo, I feel as if you did. Brava, fellow ROW80 Participant!

  • I think it’s how you consider your word count at the end of the month. My writing partner sits a proud winner of NaNoWriMo… only to gaze at his ill-formed lump of words and realize that he’s only 2/3rds of the way done, with a minimal amount of outlining done for the last third. I try to encourage the positive, but he is immured in the enormity of finishing his draft.

    So! I think that if you can gaze at your lovely 48k draft and see a solid beginning, middle and end–your battle is more than half won. You’re in a great position, actually! Your draft may expand (or contract) under your attention, but the fact is you’re that much closer to being done.

    To me, that’s the win!

    (As a poet, I am proud of my meager 2k or so of words I wrote this month. It’s all about moving towards that shiny final goal. For me, publication is the watch-word.)

    Weird procrastination things that I do. Yes. I have many of those. Here’s one from today: I like to clean the ink out of my pens, and test their nibs on different kinds of journal pages. I watch the ink flow onto the page. Sometimes the ink feathers, and letters are barely visible. Sometimes the lines are small, neat, and crisp–the way that they should be. I spend a non-trivial amount of time cursing the inks that feather, and dreaming up ways to get those sought-after crisp lines in my journals. Though it seems to me the only way to do it is to simply have journals with different paper.

    Very procrastinate-y.

    • heatherishither says:

      Thanks, that makes me feel better. I felt like I could sit down and pump out words and make more of a mess than if I just let it be and go back and rework. I get so focused on goals sometimes, it’s a curse.

      That’s a fun procrastination technique. I’ll store that in my arsenal…

  • Ryan King says:

    50k isn’t the point of NaNo, even if you feel it is. The point of NaNo is to make people sit down and actually write what they’ve been wanting to write. 50k is just a line in the sand. If a story doesn’t need to be 50k, then it’s not going to be 50k. You’re a winner in my book.

  • Nellie says:

    Pretty much what Ryan said. Your story didn’t need to be 50k. But you still finished it. That’s a win in any book!

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