Dec 7th ROW80

December 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

I haven’t been able to meet my goal to read through my rough draft. My kids got a weird stomach bug that didn’t seem to bother them too much, but left everything I own covered in either vomit or diarrhea. I really should do seminars for high schoolers to help cut down on teen pregnancy. Don’t even get me started on maternity pants…

So, my goals for the upcoming week are slightly different. First, I’m going out of town and accompanying my sister-in-law to a Christmas party for an organization called SWBCI. It’s for writers of children’s books from picture books to YA. Very cool! Since I’m a YA nut, I hope I’ll come across some new friends.

Second, I should have time to read through and revise the first draft of my WIP while I’m staying with my parents. I’ve worked on my character bibles this week and got some work done in my brain though, so this week wasn’t a total bust. By next check-in I really hope to have a giant lump of a novel mashed up into a cohesive turd thing and know where I need to focus my revision energy. I might try a few different switches in point-of-view just for fun.

I got in to my concert! It was a sensory delight. Florence (is that her real name?) was like a pagan sylph queen channeling Virgina Woolf. She wore a crimson dress and skipped across the stage. On some of her darker songs, the climax of the song was accompanied by a pulsing strobe light that made you feel like you were about to die. I loved it! And the harp! It was ethereal. And the drums! And the stained glass window backdrop! It couldn’t have been better. Her mic messed up a few times but she handled it like any pagan fairy channeling Virgina Woolf wood: gracefully. The opening band was really cool too. I had their album downloaded by the time I sat down at home afterward.


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