ROW 80 Update for Dec 14th

December 14, 2011 § 5 Comments

I walked yesterday, and we went to the library. That’s about all I accomplished besides reading my brains out. I have plans to get a new laptop so I can read through my rough draft, but I didn’t do that. Long story there which  I’ll spare you.

My only goals this week (besides reading the WIP  if I’m ever able to sit someplace quietly with access to my manuscript) are to review the books I read this week and post on my kid-blog. I’m doing the blog at the urging of some friends and family, so we’ll see if I can keep it up. Stranger things have happened.

I need to work on being a better reviewer, too! About all I really want to say is “read this, it’s freaking awesome” or “meh.” My book blog has a totally deplorable rating system I came up with late one night based on how arbitrary rating systems are. It’s a sheepdog rating system in honor of my giant goofy sheepdog, Darcy.

Have a very merry week, everyone! I’m going to try and finish strong, but I do want to do a lot of fun stuff with my 2 year-old. He will probably remember this Christmas so I’m trying to make it fantastical.


§ 5 Responses to ROW 80 Update for Dec 14th

  • Ryan King says:

    Good luck!

  • Ruth Nestvold says:

    Yeah on making Christmas fantastic for your two-year-old! This is a busy time, you can get back to normal goals after.

    BTW, your link from the Linky only gave me an error message. I had to fiddle with the URL to get here to comment.

    Have a great rest of the week and fun with your toddler. 🙂

  • heatherishither says:

    Thanks, Ruth. Me and technology have a hate/hate relationship.

  • Hi, Heather!
    Thanks for stopping by The 12 Days of Christmas Reading and entering to win. We’ll be giving away over 22 books on December 22, 2011. Best of luck.

    I have never been able to reach your blog before. I’m not sure why, but today is the first time – so nice to meet you finally! Ha!

    I have that same love/hate relationship with technology…I am learning as I go, but at times, I’d like to drop kick my computer right out the door. (and maybe I’d feel some sort of satisfaction just with the drop-kicking…;)
    Best of luck with wrapping up your goals for this Round. Hope to see you next Round, too. Have a Happy Christmas!

    • heatherishither says:

      Nice to meet you too! I never win drawings so it will be amazacrazy if I win something! Fun idea.

      Thanks for stopping by. I like to make it as hard for people to find me as possible. That’s the goal, right? 🙂

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