Back At It

January 2, 2012 § 7 Comments

It’s a new year and a new round! I have missed everyone and am happy we’re all back. Let’s just get to the goals; rip it off, like a band-aid.

1. Write- seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised (0r not) how little of it I get around to doing when that’s the MAIN POINT. Specifically, I will write for 30 minutes every single day. No excuses. I am also going to edit for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

A little note on my new “measurement.” I’ve decided that wordcount goals are not my bag. I’d rather have 30 minutes of slaving over a slice of a scene or a dialogue that I want to perfect than focus on getting a certain number of words. In the writing jobs I do, there are wordcount requirements that tend to anger me. If I can complete my thought or task in 278 words, it feels wrong to go back and pad it with an extra 22 words. It is wrong. I hated this in college as well. So, anyway. My response is to focus on amount of time instead. We’ll see if this is a good idea.

2. Exercise 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

3. Meditate for 10 minutes every day.

I got this idea from Jane Friedman’s blog and I’m surprised I don’t already do this. I know personally how powerful meditation is since I used it in my daughter’s natural birth. Which reminds me that I need to do a posting of her birth story. I’m such a busy-body that it is pure torture, but it is so beneficial!

4. Read and review books.

I don’t really need to give myself a goal besides requiring myself to review every book I read. It is a respectful thing to do and I feel like a horrible person when I read something lovely and don’t take the time to go give it a review on Amazon. It really helps sell books. I have a review blog I should link to as well. I’m a disgrace but I will change!

Good luck, everyone! I love the beginning of goals when I haven’t totally jacked them up yet.


§ 7 Responses to Back At It

  • I think I’m gonna start a blog of my own called “A Dad’s responses to his middle daughters’ clever blog, blog”

  • Ryan King says:

    Glad to see you returned 🙂 I know how you feel about the word count. I have this fight with myself as well. However, when I use time rather than word count, I find that I’m doing “writing stuff” during that time rather than the actual writing. Does that count when it’s intermixed with writing? Eventually, I went back to word count because it’s so black and white when it comes to a goal result. I hope it works out for you. Good luck on your goals!

  • Great goals! I am excited to hear about your birth story–I did two of my births naturally, and am still close friends with my doula. I love love love birth stories!!

    I think your time goal is smart–I pledged a few hours a day, or 1K words (I’m revising and drafting as I go), and am happy to try to really clock in solid writing time this round!

    Good luck!

  • Great goals, they’re specific and you know what you want to achieve. I just started meditating for ten minutes a day too. I have a couple of guided meditation C.D.’s that I dug out and I’m going to look on i-Tunes. If I try to meditate on my own I fall asleep. It’s the weirdest thing. LOL

    I love the idea of reviewing books that you read too. What a nice way to pay it forward!

    I go back and forth on the word count thing. I see the value in it but I prefer to use time worked on manuscript, time worked on articles, etc.

    Have fun!

    • heatherishither says:

      Thanks for the comments and words of encouragement! Good luck to all of you.
      @Heather- I wish I’d had a doula!

  • Ruth Nestvold says:

    Good luck with your goals, Heather, and happy new year!

  • Ali Dent says:

    Looks good Heather. I like your comment about stating the obvious. It is so helpful though for me to get it on paper even when it’s the most obvious task.

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