January 8th Check-in

January 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

I am going to give myself an A- for this week. I got entirely through the rough draft (YAY!) and have a lot of ideas on what needs fixin’. I meditated every day, worked out, and am a little behind on reviews, but will catch up. On a side note, I did read some fantastic books this week!

Two things for next week: I realized that I need a day that is completely off. Well, as “off” as I get. Meditating kind of inspired it. I want an entire day where I don’t do any writing or social media. I think, as a parent, I need to do this. It’s really difficult not to be constantly doing and going. I don’t want to miss out on being engaged with my offspring and husband (and giant sheepdog). So I’m picking Saturday for now.

I would also like to write more than one blog posting a week. So I’ll give that a whirl. I’m just so proud of myself for writing out my daughter’s birth story this week! I thought I would never get around to doing it. Well, in an edited version. I have my own personal version that is full of profanity. Oops!

Hope everybody has a productive week! I am going to put my plug for meditation in once again as I’ve noticed that this last week I can recall my dreams from every night  in vivid detail. (I also remember them throughout the day, not just when I wake up).  My dad thinks I’m making this up, but  I’m convinced it’s from meditating every day.


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§ 2 Responses to January 8th Check-in

  • Yay, good for you Heather! You’ve gotten a lot done this week. And kudos for realizing you need a day off and taking action on that immediately. We’re often told that we should be writing every day, but it just doesn’t work for everyone. As long a you are happy with your productivity, do what works. 🙂

  • Ryan King says:

    Nothing wrong with a day off. We all need that!

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