ROW 80 Update for 1-15

January 15, 2012 § 3 Comments

I was doing so good. Writing for 30 minutes a day is so doable, and most days I did an hour. Also I’ve been a superstar on the exercise. I didn’t realize just how skinny-fat I was. I did a workout that I thought was easy when I was in shape and I was sore the next day, then even MORE sore the next day. That’s bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re thin if you’re a total pansy.

But I slacked off on the meditation. It’s quite difficult for me! I need a different time to do it, I think. When the kids are in bed, I am all amped start on my WIP. But I’m going to get back to it.

Lastly, I took my day off on Thursday this week. It was necessary since my 2 year-old had a stomach bug (which nobody else has caught KNOCK ON WOOD). Is there anything more pathetic than a barfing toddler? I found it sadly hilarious when he would be in the middle of heaving and look at me moaning “why? why?” My sentiment exactly. I’m terrible with the puking.

Have a splendid week, everyone! Productivity and high word counts to all!  (And no barfing.)


§ 3 Responses to ROW 80 Update for 1-15

  • Ruth Nestvold says:

    Ah, Heather, my sympathies regarding the barfing toddler! It’s so hard to watch the little ones suffer.

    Congratulations though on getting your writing time in! I think that’s a huge accomplishment with a little one around. All I wrote (besides academic papers) when my kids were small was the occasional poem or song lyrics.

    Have a great week, and keep up the good work on making time for writing!

  • Gene Lempp says:

    “Why? Why?” sorry to laugh but that is hilarious (yes I have four daughters, been there and they can say the coolest things) *smile*

    Oh, also been there on the exercise. I took off a month and half, doesn’t seem like much, got back on the treadmill with wrist weights and spent the next two days dropping ibuprofen like candy. Always best to start small and work up, the lesson of pain.

    Have a great week and hope you find a good meditation time, we all could use a moment of serenity from time to time 🙂

  • Julie Glover says:

    It’s so tough to have a sick kid – especially with a stomach illness. You vacillate between sympathy and ick. I’m thin by most standards myself, but I’ve always said that my heart clogs the same as anyone else’s. I must stay in shape, and I hate when I’m off the exercise and tire easily. Best wishes keeping up with it! Have a wonderful ROW80 week!

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