January Blah with a side of Blah (ROW 80)

January 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’m almost done with the editing of my first act (in the three tier structure of my WIP) and will be sending it off to be read. It’s kind of messy still.  I’m not sure, but it seems like something’s off. Since I can’t decide what’s going on, I’m hoping one of my peeps can put their finger on it.

Here are some fun editing confessions: first, I am constantly jumping ahead of myself. I will start writing a sentence and then, when I’m done, find the same sentence following it. Apparently my brain will tell the story the same way, every time. And I guess the me of the present thinks she is smarter than last month’s me.

Second, when I’m editing dialogue, and even when I originally write a scene, I say lines out loud… in character…with facial expressions. What’s truly humiliating funny is that I hadn’t noticed I was doing this until recently.

One final thing. Shuffling chapters is a MESSY business. It is awful trying to piece things back together. “Wait, does the reader know this yet? Would this make sense yet? Is this too soon/late/weird right here?” It sucks and it makes me want to punch myself.

Otherwise, everything’s going good. Meeting all my goals! Hope everyone has a good week. Anybody else have some editing confessions?


§ 2 Responses to January Blah with a side of Blah (ROW 80)

  • LOL I hope you write dialogue in private!!

    I constantly was having this problem–not know what was wrong with some scenes in my wip, and then a friend said that she used a technique called Scene and Sequel–and when I checked it out, everything clicked for me.

    I find it funny that I am making a suggestion right after writing a blog post about how rude it can be to try to fix someone else’s writing. Obviously, I don’t know whether you have an issue, or whether this link can help fix it. But it really helped me to stop pulling out my hair.

    My issue was that the goal of the scene wasn’t always obvious, and the action wasn’t always driven by the MC trying to obtain their goal. Again, this might not be anywhere near your issue! But here’s the link, in case it is helpful:


    So glad that you are moving forward!!

  • Ha ha, I can imagine your facial expressions as you write out your dialogue. At times, I will say things out loud to see how they sound especially if it looks weird on screen or on the page. Seems like you’re making great progress. Way to go!

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