February Check-In for ROW 80

February 1, 2012 § 9 Comments

I got a big kick in the pants from my dear sis-in-law yesterday about an upcoming conference we’ll be attending together. It turns out that if you want a chapter critique (or first 10 pages) it has to be mailed in by Feb. 14th. *jaw drop*

So, I have to send that to some of my readers for their help first and still get it in the mail on time. I need someone to hold my hand. And some chocolate.

Anyway, my goals are going well. I’ve gotten through half of the second act and it’s going a lot faster than the first act. I had a scary thing happen: my computer shut down and I was spazzing  over not having saved my document very recently. BUT, I am a genius (actually an idiot, but this would’ve been genius) because I changed a character’s name in my rewrites, so I would’ve been able to find where I stopped editing by the name. (It’s a pivotal character too.)

I don’t wish to discuss how many times I’ve changed character names. It’s kind of a disease- I didn’t even have this much trouble naming my own children!

To recap my goals, I’ve been diligently writing 30min-1hr every day, exercising, and I think I have a system for reviews. I did some reading of reviews, and I think that helped guide me a lot. I figured out what was bothering me so much about that one book by reading what a few others wrote. I think sifting through a few reviews next time will help guide my own.

Well, I’ve got to go get my chapter figured out. I’m so excited to go to my first conference! Anybody else have conferences coming up? Anybody in the Oklahoma area planning on going to the SCBWI conference?


§ 9 Responses to February Check-In for ROW 80

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