Two Year-Old’s Brain: One Day

February 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I waked up. It was light outside! Not dark.  He can only get out of bed if it’s not dark outside.

I get in mommy’s bed.  He likes to sit on top of me talk in my face.

“Wake up. Mommy. Mommy, wake up. Butthole! (giggle) Hey, mommy. I said butthole. Wake up! WAKE UP!’ I hand him my phone with the netflix app open.

*watches Backyardigans, Kipper, or Bob the Builder for half an hour (DON’T JUDGE ME)*

“Mommy! I’m hungry.” Baby Hadley is getting my phone. “Mama, put her in her DUMBO.” He hates the 7 month old 98% of the time.

I wanna watch cartoons. Daddy won’t wake up. It’s light outside. Hadley is bothering me. PUT HER IN HER DUMBO!!

I want cupcakes. I want a present. Is it my birthday? Is is Christmas? Whose Christmas present? We have a birthday party to go to today.

I want JELLY AND TOAST! He requests this at least 12,000 times a day.

I don’t wanna take a nap! I just hate it.  I want to go have CUPCAKES. Doesn’t nap- lays in bed for an hour.

“Mommy, these cars are chasing us! Norah’s my best friend. Can I have a cupcake? Is it light outside?” We get to the party and he eats chocolate cupcake and befriends older couple while I’m feeding Hadley- I look up to see him seated at their table and chatting them up. He’s already asked every party attendee for a BO-NANA.

I’m not hungry, MAMA! I wanna play cars and trucks! I don’t want a bath! Cries through the entire bath.

I hate this bed. I just hate it! “I want a cheesy burrito and a glass of milk!” Is passed out after half a glass of milk with no stories.


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