atROWcious check-in

February 20, 2012 § 4 Comments

I have been such a sad excuse for a writer the past 3 days. No workouts either. I wish I could shrink the type to super, super tiny to convey my shame.

My excuses: 8 month-old has a cold and I was up all night last night… and when I say up all night- I mean up all night. Hubs was also off all weekend, and we had a no-kids night Thursday night. Which equals me not doing anything besides reading with the free time. I don’t know why I’m so much less productive when he’s around! He’s just so distracting, I guess. *blush* Or it could be that audiobook trilogy I anihilated this weekend.

So now I just have to pick myself back up and do better this week We’re going out of town  Tuesday so it may be a week before I can check in again, but I will get my groove back.

For now my goals are: 3 workouts this week, 30 min a day being writerly, and one blog posting that is either a review or a rumination on something child or book-related. 

Hope everyone else is on better behavior than myself. Have a happy week!


§ 4 Responses to atROWcious check-in

  • Hunter says:

    Well no, I haven’t had a good week either, but I don’t have an 8mo like you. But I remember those days. sigh. Good luck with your progress this week.

  • Ruth Nestvold says:

    That’s a very good excuse, Heather! I babysat my granddaughters on the weekend, got about five hours of sleep, and I was a basket case the next day! I am amazed that anyone can write fiction with small children around — I didn’t. Look at ANY writing you do as a success! 🙂

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