March Forth, Everyone!

March 4, 2012 § 6 Comments

I’ve been gone for two check-ins! Eek! I’m out of town and felt bad putting up a link when I’ve had so little time to read other blogs. But I’ve kept up writing and reworking the plot of my first novel. 30min-1hour every day.

I also blogged one time last week! I’m working on another for this week, so it should be ready to go. It’s about my mother breaking her leg this weekend which was quite epic, so I hope I can do the event justice.

Exercise has been happening, and with the beautiful Oklahoma weather there is really no excuse. Plus, my dad got a new double jogging stroller. I ran with my 2 year-old and my niece (who’s also 2) around the neighborhood and that may be the best workout EVER. The best part was that I was pushing about 50 pounds, and the 50 pounds was yelling at me to go faster, and if I went slower, the 50 pounds would start hitting and biting each other, so the incentive is really there, you know?

I just finished a really great book too. So I’m really inspired to keep writing and get better.

Thanks for reading and good luck to the other ROWers! Happy March!


§ 6 Responses to March Forth, Everyone!

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