March 18th ROW 80

March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is a more respectable check-in. I’ve only missed writing one day since Wednesday, and I’ve been devoting more chunks of time each day. Two days I wrote for an hour. I’ve also exercised every day- this gorgeous weather is good at luring me out of the cave.

I’ve found myself many times lately needing to remind myself that I’m first and foremost a caretaker right now. And that’s okay. I don’t want to get down on writing if I miss a day, or if I feel drained.

It’s not that I neglect my motherly “duties” or resent my life right now. Let me say this: I love staying home with my babies and I am thankful for every moment. Even the ones where I’m up to my ears in poop and filth and that weird, white glob that’s lurking behind my ear (and who knows how long it’s been there). I’ve sacrificed other (superfluous) things right now so that I have writing time. I don’t craft, or watch T.V., and my house is often not fit for public viewing. But I will do that right now because I want to write.

I know this sounds like a rant. But it’s not. I’m actually just putting a reminder out there for myself.

So, I have been plugging away at my original WIP. Except there’s absolutely NOTHING that’s making the cut for the new draft thus far. In other words- I’m basically rewriting the whole dang thing. There’s a glimmer of the same story somewhere in there- it’s just been pruned and streamlined and looks totally different.

I knew my “process” might change over time, or maybe it will always be changing for as long as I’m alive and writing. Who the heck knows? All I know is that it’s coming along, and just because I don’t have a sparkly, perfect, first novel all ready to make me feel like I became a writer before I was thirty (in May), that doesn’t mean I can’t still be proud that I’ve come as far as I have. And I will continue to sit down and write.

I feel like channeling a little Stuart Smalley from SNL in closing. 

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and- dog gone it- people like me!

Have an amazing week, everybody.



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