A Christian’s Viewpoint On Being Homosexual

August 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

I wake up in a world that doesn’t accept who I love.

In this world I still have the same “feelings” I’ve always had. Feelings that have always been toward boys -this boy named Matthew in kindergarten who I’m pretty sure I punched in the arm. Then there was Brett in 2nd grade. He was one of my only blond crushes.

That’s all the same, but in this world I wake up in, all of my feelings are “wrong.” They’re an evil urge inside me that must be ignored or exorcised. I probably go through high school hiding my feelings about who I like and only liking people who don’t like me back (OH WAIT THAT’S HOW HIGH SCHOOL WAS) but fast-forward to when I grow some self-esteem, have a little spiritual awakening and find the man I want to marry. Except I can’t marry him in this world. In this world, I feel like an outcast to the very faith that made me who I am, and if I ever want to have a fully-realized relationship with another human, it has to be with a woman.

But. I don’t want to live with a lady. Women are great and I’m glad I’m a woman, but I don’t want to live with a woman or sleep with a woman. I don’t want to raise children with a woman. Women don’t do it for me.

I like men. But in this world, I’m out-of-luck. What do the people of faith expect me to do? Be alone? Fake my way through a marriage to someone I’m not attracted to? Hope I’ll magically have different feelings one day?

Lucky for me, that world doesn’t exist, but I imagine it whenever I think about any of my LGBT friends. I love a man and society-at-large is fully supportive of my feelings. I’m glad that I was born feeling a way that was acceptable. But I can imagine that if I wasn’t, I would want to be able to love another person in a way that feels natural to me.


For this reason, as well as the way I read the Bible through the guidance of my relationship with a loving creator, I fully support the LGBT community and feel that they deserve the same rights as I enjoy. 


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